Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Return of The Police

In case some of you missed it, The Police played together at the Grammy's this year. They have always been one of my favorite bands going back to my teenage years. I was shocked to see them playing together considering the three members of the group pretty much hate each other, have for years. Stewart Copeland, the drummer, and Sting (Gordon Sumner), the lead singer and bassist, always had very different ideas about the direction the band should be heading. Also, Sting is, according to many folks that have recorded with him in the past, difficult to work with. Throughout the years of the bands existence he refused to sing songs the were penned by the other guys in the group. This was a mistake because Copeland is a very smart guy who has proven himself in the years since the bands break-up. There is some great footage out there of the guys physically assaulting each other on tempered. Ego's were to blame for the premature end of this great group.

After their performance on the Grammy's, they announced that they were putting together a reunion tour. This is exciting for me except for the fact that there is NO WAY they will play The tour is sure to be a success and lots of fun. If any of you out there get a chance to go, please let me know how it was.

Sting is an excellent song writer...he was an English teacher prior to forming the band.

Love these particular lyrics:

Don’t think me unkind
Words are hard to find
They’re only checks I've left unsigned
From the banks of chaos I’m my mind
And when their eloquence escapes me
Their logic ties me up and rapes me
De Do Do Do De Da Da Da

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