Sunday, March 18, 2007

I'm Ready for Fear Factor

Last night, we had our company dinner to celebrate the new year. Remember, the new year here is based on the lunar calender, which was celebrated last month.

The dinner was held at a traditional Chinese restaurant. Almost all of the food was seafood cooked in ways that are inherently Chinese. At this particular restaurant you pay by the table and they serve you pretty much everything on the menu. It allows you to try a little of everything.

It started out with fish eggs, lamb, and some other stuff that I care not to think about...

Not long after the fish eggs plate, the servers brought out the lobster. I am not a big fan of seafood, but lobster is good stuff. I was psyched to eat lobster until it was set on the was raw and there was an interesting glass full of a greenish liquid leaning up against the dead lobster...hmm. I tried the raw lobster, it was alright. As I was chewing the kinda gummy fish, I asked my boss Gavin what was in the glass next to the lobster. With a grin on his face, he told me it was the lobster's blood!! He proceeded to tell me that it's tradition for a man to drink the blood of the lobster...yikes! After some hemming and hawing, I did it. I drank about 6 or 8 ounces. It really wasn't that bad...kinda tasted like vodka.

I have earned my place at the table! I never want to catch any flack for my eating habits ever again!

The entire evening was an adventure in bizarre cuisine. Fish eggs, fish with it's head still attached, raw lobster, lobster head soup, raw crab meat with sticky rice, bamboo(which tasted good), and some other stuff I am blocking from my memory. Thankfully, they brought out a stew made with pork, mushrooms, and bamboo that was terrific. Also, a perfectly cooked whole chicken that I gorged myself on.

The party was a blast. We played a bunch of silly games, had a raffle, and drank an obscene amount of tequila. I won two-hundred Taiwan dollars in the raffle...don't get excited, that's about $6 American.

I brought Catherine along and she had a great time. Everyone was chatting with her. She seemed to be pretty comfortable even though she was amongst complete strangers. I am not sure where our relationship is going, but thus far, it's been a lot of fun. We have spent every Saturday and Sunday evening together since our first date...

Check out the pictures below. They are a few of my pics from the party.

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Carrie said...


You are 'da man! I still can't believe you drank it! We had fun last night and it was really nice to finally meet Catherine. She seems like a lovely girl.