Sunday, March 11, 2007

1093 is just too slick

My flagship class, 1093, has got to be the coolest bunch of kids on the planet.

They are remarkable in so many ways. It's difficult to sum up their qualities in a few paragraphs. Rarely does a class period go by without some silly/memorable event. This past Wednesday was one for the memory bank. It's been kind of cool here lately and the windows in the classrooms tend to fog up. That day they were good and foggy. Every class we have a vocabulary quiz following the break (the class is 2 hours long, with a 10 minute break on the hour). I usually use the time to think about the second hour and get something to drink in the office. Last week I announced break time and ran up stairs to my desk. The kids usually just hang out and chat or study for the quiz. 10 minutes later, I came back to the classroom and started to hand out the quizzes. After a minute or two, several of the kids began to giggle...this is nothing new, they are very clever and I have to be on guard on all times. They love to play harmless practical jokes on me like hiding my markers and eraser. I scanned the group to try to discern what what was going on. Tiger, one of the silliest of the group, finally pointed toward the window. I looked over and couldn't believe my eyes, they had scribbled the vocabulary words in the condensation on the window!!! These kids are incredible. I had to applaud their ingenious move...what a clever thing to do. The funny thing is they really don't need to do it, their grades are remarkable without the help. After some serious belly laughs, we got back to business.

This is the kind of thing that reminds me of how lucky I am to be teaching such an awesome group. Life is good.

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