Friday, March 23, 2007


This is the South Bound train board that I stare at every day. I have to chose from this list each day in order to get to work. Normally I catch the 14:21 Chu-Kuang style train that is bound for Shu-lin, the town where I work.

Some of the kids from 1080, a class that I am about to take over from Teacher John. They are reaching the end of their time at Gram. They have just one more book before they finish the 12 book series that constitutes the English learning process at our school. I will be teaching them the final book, which takes about 4 months.

1060 on their final day of class. They just finished the last book. This class was especially important to me because they were the first group that I taught on my own. Over a period of about 6 months, I taught them every Saturday afternoon for 2 hours. It was not easy, they are a feisty group. In the end, I am a much better teacher because of these kids. They invited me to attend the little party they had to commemorate their graduation, it was great. We ate pizza and some cake. A healthy portion of the cake ended up smeared on my face courtesy of a few of these little devils!

This is Peter, one of the great kids from 1060. He is a sweet boy. It's kids like Peter that make my job so enjoyable. I hope that some day down the road Peter will have fond memories of his time at Gram.

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