Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Making a Move...maybe

My neighbor, Chris, recently found a new apartment. His girlfriend moved here this past week and he needed to find a bigger place. He found a really nice apartment, it's huge. It has 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, a huge kitchen and living room. It's 3 floors which is unheard of in this country. I checked it out last weekend, it's all newly remodeled, very impressive. An Australian couple that works with him in the morning is going to take one room, he will be in another with Jana, his girlfriend. This leaves one room for an office and one room vacant. He offered it to me.

Chris is a super guy. We have become good buddies. About 2 weeks ago, I got him a job teaching at my school.

The place is really nice. The available bedroom is about as big as the entire apartment I am in now. I would have my own bathroom that's inside my bedroom. I currently pay about NT$12,000/month, or about $360/month American. If I take up Chris' offer, I'd only be paying NT $6,000/month, substantially less.

I think this is a killer offer. I am just not sure I am ready to give up my privacy. I love being on my own, making all of the decisions myself. I am an introvert in many ways, never been a big fan of being compelled to be the friendly roomie. Also, I have very set ways of doing things and get testy when I have to deal with other folks and their quirks. I would probably spend a large part of my time in my bedroom.

At the same time, perhaps I need to be thrust into this type of situation? It might force me to be more social. I do find myself spending too much time isolated in my own little world.

The extra cash every month wouldn't hurt either. An extra $150-$200 American every month could come in handy. I would have a lot more money to travel and/or build a nest-egg.

I am really torn over this whole scene. I'm far from unhappy where I am now. The move is a cool opportunity but do I need to do it? Can I retain what little sanity I have left if I do this? Chris and Jana are great folks...I haven't met the Aussie couple but Chris said they are nice people and very trustworthy.

Need some comments people! Don't leave me hanging!

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