Monday, August 04, 2008

Great News!

A heavy work-load and moving into a new apartment have seriously tapped my energy and desire to blog. I haven't been inspired to take many photos or document my adventures lately. That changed this past weekend.

Catherine got an email from a good friend back home. Attached to the message was a copy of the paperwork verifying her single status. Defying the odds, her friend managed to score the official document from the Burmese government that certifies she is eligible to marry here in Taiwan. The biggest hurdle to our future together is behind us...phew!!

The arrival of the paperwork has inspired Catherine to start thinking about the details of our wedding. We have already had a few less-than-fun discussions about wedding photos. The whole thing is a racket as far as I am concerned, but she is pretty excited about it. My mother told me many years ago that a wedding is the woman's day and don't question her decisions or motives if you want to have any peace...excellent advice. I am sure we will come to some sort of compromise,

Since we don't plan on having a reception/party, the honeymoon is what we are going to concentrate on. We need to come up with a really cool trip that isn't going to cost a fortune. Any ideas out there? I would appreciate any recommendations you folks might have for a romantic getaway on a budget.

Wish us luck with the remaining details/hurdles and stay tuned for updates on our progress.