Thursday, March 01, 2007

A Monster!

This little guy is easily the silliest, craziest kid I have encountered in Taiwan. I taught his class last week. I spent about an hour with him and, by the end, I thought I was going to collapse. His name escapes me...that's odd because I make it a point to remember names. He simply would not settle down. Cute as can be and incredibly bright. He is especially difficult to handle because he is an excellent a teacher, he puts you in a tough spot. As much as you want to make him sit still and behave himself, you don't want to stifle his energy and contributions. His class is very quiet. Without his antics, it would be very difficult to elicit any emotions from the group. I ready to take on his class again. I am convinced I can find a middle ground with this boy and use his aptitude to boost the entire class. Look at his's pretty obvious that he is a little devil, eh?

His name is Dean. Thanks Carrie for reminding me. I can't believe I forgot his name.

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Carrie said...

His name is Dean and I completly agree with the title of your piece. He is a little monster, but I think I'd adapt it to "The Little English Monster" because Dean obviously loves speaking English. I've taught him several times too. He's a great kid and at his age, his command of the English language is quite exceptional...and he knows it!
It's a great picture of him David. You've captured his personality in a single click.