Monday, March 05, 2007

Pictures! Lantern Festival

It was drizzling while I was taking many of these photos, so they are kind of spotty.

The entrance into The Lantern Festival. So many people. Catherine is incredible at weaving her way through crowds. She lead the way for much of our time inside, we were able to avoid standing in many lines.

It's the year of the pig, so most of the lanterns were pigs and piglets.

Catherine was excited to get her picture taken. This is a good thing because I run from the front of a camera.

I love the colors in this one...cute piggies.

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Carrie said...

These are great pictures David and I'm really glad you had such a nice evening out. After our New Year's Eve escapades at Taipei 101, we decided to avoid the crowds at this year's Lantern Festival. Now I'm glad we did.