Monday, March 12, 2007

Manners Police in China

Pssst Taiwan, pay attention!

The 2008 Olympic games are going to be held in Beijing, China. The government has taken extraordinary steps in preparing the city for the flood of foreigners and press. One of the most curious steps they have taken is the release of a book of manners that has been widely distributed among the citizens. The topics include appropriate behavior at a sporting event, fitting behavior in public, and proper greetings to those of the opposite sex. The powers that be hope to stop the rude behavior in public that has saturated Chinese society. The government has dispatched hundreds of officers to help enforce the standards and have promised stiff penalties if citizens don't comply...

I am 100% behind this idea.

The Taiwanese leadership could take a cue from this move and start a campaign to stop such lovely acts as spitting, picking your nose, passing gas, and ignoring lines in public.

This is not a radical idea...just common sense. I see these acts on a daily basis and it's nauseating.

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