Sunday, June 18, 2006

Shopper's Paradise

Last week I was on my way to work when the backpack I bought a few months ago decided to fall apart. I guess that's what happens when you pay about $6 American for what should cost a lot more. I was just walking along the subway tunnel when the strap tore off, it was tragic, I liked that bag.

Due to the above tragedy, I was forced to embark on yet another shopping excursion. What better place to go than Shilin Night Market, the biggest and craziest market in the country. The problem with Shilin is it's difficult to get in there and just buy what you need, and not the things that you want. It's a giant maze of enticements. I did OK. I managed to get out of there with just one impulse purchase, and a cheap one at that! Every time I go there the same shop pulls me in. This place is full of silly knock-off stuff, very good imitations of stuff at seriously low prices. I decided to try the new Lacoste cologne for a whopping NT$200 (about $6 American, the same price I paid for the original book bag). It smells great and the price was right. Oh ya, I also found another bag. This one is quite nice. Not a big brand-name bag, but it seems to be well-made. It's got one of those cool straps that goes across your chest to help brace it to your body when it's heavy...pretty neat. This time I paid NT$500 (about $16 American), which is pretty high by local standards. I hope I get my money's worth.

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