Saturday, June 24, 2006

Cops With Cameras

I saw something interesting the other day. I was walking to work when I noticed a police officer on the side of the road taking pictures of an illegally parked car. When I got to work, I asked one of the Chinese teachers what the deal was with the digital camera wielding cops. She said the police here, rather than putting a ticket on your window, take a picture of the offending vehicle and mail the owner the ticket in the mail with a nice shot of the car. What a remarkably clean and efficient way to deal with traffic tickets. She also told me that many of the lights in the busy intersections have cameras mounted on them. The cameras pick off red-light runners and the police send them a thank-you

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Anonymous said...

I believe we actually have these cameras here in the Cleveland area. People are not real happy about them but I am sure they are driving more cautiously knowing they are there and that is a good thing.