Sunday, June 04, 2006


This is one of my classes. They are class #1060 and I teach them every Saturday for 2 hours, great kids. The boys in the front and the girls on the left are exceptional. It can be difficult teaching this many kids at once, especially when they get to the advanced-level stuff. The woman sitting in the back, left is a mom to one of the students. She comes to every class and I treat her like one of the students. She does all of the homework and takes all the tests and loves it. The school allows parents to sit-in on their kids classes for free, so most of them treat it like free English lessons, not a bad deal.
My mini-class. A very unique class, only 5 students. They are taking a difficult test and I am annoying them because I keep snapping pics of This was my last time teaching them, what a bummer. The boss has decided I should take over a bigger, more difficult class that just lost it's teacher. I hate leaving these kids, they are very bright and tons of fun.

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