Wednesday, February 28, 2007


This was taken from the top of the building where I teach. A fire had broken out in the distance. It was already a nasty air-quality day, this made it especially bad. The fire is pretty far away yet pieces of burnt paper were landing on our building...crazy.

Another in my series of kid close-ups. He is a cutie. His name is Jason and he was more than happy to let me snap this one.

A nice little park area across the street from my apartment. A pleasant spot to get some relief from the madness of the big city. The detail in the roofing is impressive.

Strolling down the street I live on. A typical scene at the big intersection. Actually, I only see about a half a dozen motorcycles...not very busy. My apartment is just to the right of the building with the big "Hotel" sign on top.

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