Thursday, February 08, 2007

Belated Thanks

I don't think I made it clear how thankful I am to everyone for putting up with me on my trip home. Everyone, including mom, the sisters, and the Sundbergs. They all went out of their way to make me feel comfortable and I am truly thankful.

Perry & Andrea carted me all over Las Vegas. It was lots of fun. I hope they find that perfect house soon.

Mom really knows how to make me happy...she cooked me all of the foods I only dream about here. Also, she was there to help me make a few decisions all the while knowing that being home is an emotional thing for me. I spent a good bit of the week on an emotional roller coaster and mom knew I needed to work through some things. She gave me my space and I was able to deal with them effectively. Mom is such a stabilizing force, although she denies it...

I didn't spend near enough time with the sisters, I never do. I suppose I was a bit selfish with my time and, looking back, I regret not seeing more of them.

One glaring absence during my visit was my youngest sister, Sydney. I guess she had a bit of a falling out with my mom. They haven't spoken in months. What a shame, I would've enjoyed seeing her. We have had a pretty tumultuous past but I love her just as much as the other sisters. I certainly hope she can patch things up with mom. All of us need mom in our lives.

It's been tough getting back into the swing of things here. It's strange how just a few weeks away can turn things upside down. I think the other teachers did a fine job in my's just tough to reconcile the missed class time. I am just now feeling like I am getting back in the groove.

Not sure when I'll be heading back home again. I hope the next trip is every bit as good as this one was.

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