Sunday, February 11, 2007

Obama in 2008! Barack the Vote!

The real deal. He officially announced his candidacy for the presidency today, thank god. What an interesting guy. He is very charismatic and has some great ideas/intentions.

One thing I especially like is his candor. His stances on the issues are crystal clear, which is a welcomed sight...for too many of those in D.C. leave you guessing. He unequivocally states the war in Iraq is a mistake and he hasn't wavered on that stance. He is on record as being opposed from the get-go. He opposes the death penalty, a brave stance in today's political climate. He would like to pick up where the Clinton White House left off so far as universal health care is concerned. Regardless of the cost, I think it's a necessary thing if we are going to sustain a population that is getting older at a rapid pace. There are many other stances he has that I support. I am sure I will be addressing them in the future.

Many have speculated that he can't win because he is a relative newcomer in D.C.. I disagree. I believe a young energetic outsider might be what we need to get the country back on track. The country is about as screwed up as I have seen it in my lifetime...

I really like the fact that he has already aired his dirty laundry in the 2 books that he has published. This means the mean-spirited attack dogs of the religious right won't be able to use these things in their fear mongering campaign. He makes no secret of the fact that he drank and did cocaine while in college. It's also well known that he is a smoker and poker player. These things only strengthen his appeal. He is a normal guy with a few skeletons in his closet and weaknesses just like you and me.

Let's get moving and elect this great guy!! The election is just 20 months

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