Monday, February 26, 2007


I've been playing around with the configuration of the blog...I need some opinions.

Is this color scheme cool, or not?

Too many colors?
Is the black too much?
Does the contrast make it harder to read?

Need some opinions people!
Leave a comment...yea or nay?

I am planning on putting back a bunch of the stuff that I had on the blog before. It's a labor-intensive rebuilding process.


Wendy said...

Hi David,
I think it looks fine. EXCEPT for the black lettering on the brown. It's too hard to read , in my opinion. but the pale blue on the brown background looks great..& also like the orange/yellow color for the entry title..... easy to read. so it is yeah on some things & nay on the black text. wanted feedback...LOL..

Hope you are doing well. Take care... & post more pics. it's a nice camera.great clarity on the shots... :-}

Love , Wendy

Wendy said...

I like the blue & whute alot. Easy to read. Keep it like this.... I really like it! This is just my opinion now....... LOL
Love , Wendy

Anonymous said...

As you know, each person has different opinion. I honestly prefer before than now, but this is ok. So that I have still to adjust to read your new style template. Ok, keep blogging !