Wednesday, February 14, 2007


A few of my 1093 kids. From Left to Right: Sandra, Olivia, and Sherry. These girls are awesome. Always a smile on their faces and an unending supply of silliness.

Crazy Claire! One of the great teachers I have the pleasure of working with. She is a hoot. We are always giggling and having fun. Working with folks like Claire is a blast!

The Christmas party. Gavin, Queenie, Sandy, and Carol getting into the spirit. We had a gift exchange. It was a secret santa thing. Turned out great and we all had a few good laughs.

My gang, known as 1093. Saturday morning classes are rough. Most of them run from the camera. As you can see, a few of them managed to hide behind their papers. Check out Milton on the right, he is a GREAT kid. Any parent would be proud to call him their son. Always laughing but also insanely dedicated and accomplished...he works as hard as any kid I have seen here.
RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!! It's the giant 7-11 thingy. A shameless 7-11 promotional parade on New Year's Eve. It was pretty surreal stepping out of the subway and seeing this...

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