Saturday, July 22, 2006


This is Gavin. He is my co-boss. Him and his wife run the show. He is a terrific guy, always has a smile on his face. One of those guys that's just fun to be around.

The Chiang Kai-Sheik subway sign. CKS is the George Washington of Taiwan. The subway stop lets you out right in front of the giant memorial.

This is class 1035. They are one of the reasons I love my job so much. An incredible bunch of kids that really inspire me. The little girl in the green and white shirt and the boy on the far right are my favorites, amazing kids.

There I am. You folks are always clamoring about not seeing me in enough of these pictures. I hate having my picture taken! This is just a random group of kids hanging out near my desk. Cindy, in the red, is brilliant! She is now in high school level English. She is just in 2nd grade in her regular school.

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Anonymous said...

You are looking good little brother. Wow are these kids cute. I can see how you could fall in love with teaching them everyday.

Love ya,