Monday, July 03, 2006

Bangkok & The Greenpeace Warrior

I've got a week of vacation coming up and I've decided to take a trip to Thailand. Check out the pics above, this is where I am heading. It's pretty inexpensive from here and I'm dying to check it out. Plan on spending a night or two in Bangkok and then venturing out to the beaches. Gonna check out a place called Koh Sumui, it's supposed to be spectacular. It's an island that has outstanding beaches. The only industry they have is coconuts! The movie "The Beach" with Leo DiCaprio was filmed nearby, it's paradise. Trying to figure out how to make this trip happen, it's tricky.

Jami, my niece, is leaving in a few weeks for a mission with Greenpeace. She is going to be in Europe for some training, sounds cool! Anyone who knows Jami will tell you that this is her thing, she is gonna have a great time. I can't wait to hear about her heroic adventures!


Anonymous said...

Jami was just here and is really in her element. It was nice to see her and she is doing all of us proud by trying to save our Natural Rainforest.

This truly is a great organization and I am proud of her for her commitment.


Anonymous said...

By the way,

Have a great time on your vacation, looks like a beautiful place.


JAMI said...

Hey,uncle dave I regret that I have not been keeping a journal of the amazing things I have done. However there are a lot of pictures. I have been updated on your adventure through the family and it sounds like have found your place as well. so did you get to see the "Rainbow Warrior"? I am going this friday to see the new GP boat the "Witness" then on Saturday I leave for Germany! You can check out the last action we did on the greenpeace wabsite we also have a lot of pictures on flickr. you can also email me at I hope to hear from you, I bet Thailand was amazing. PEACE