Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Couldn't resist taking this one. This billboard is at the entrance of my local subway station. To Taiwanese people, pasty white skin is ideal. There is a huge market here for products to make you ghostly white...odd. Folks here are totally freaked out by the sun. It's not uncommon to have to dodge umbrellas on a perfectly sunny day.
Fridge magnets! An insanely popular collectible here. I have been sucked into the magnet mania. Every time you spend a few bucks in one of the local convenience stores, you get a free magnet. There are three major convenience stores here and they use the magnets to draw customers, it works! The ones at the bottom are highly coveted...I have a zillion of
Sogo, the monster department store chain in Taipei. This is actually one of their smaller stores. I love the design, not the prices.
A common sight here. Temples are constructed in alleys amongst all of the towering apartment buildings. This one is next to my local supermarket. It's a beautifully ornate little building.

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