Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Mom's Birthday

My mom's big day is this week. I hate being so far away on her birthday. I called her over the weekend and she sounded great...she has a policy of not acknowledging her

We discussed a possible visit home. It's not easy making the big trip back the US, very expensive. I'm gonna shoot for sometime in November, we'll see.

Every time I talk to mom it recharges my batteries and helps me focus. She is such a driving force in my life. Everything I do here has a little bit of Karen-inspired motivation in its core. As much as I would like to be home and spending more time with mom, I know I am doing the right thing here and she is 110% behind me.

She has made it through much more difficult challenges than I have and knowing this has enabled me to conquer many of my inner-demons.

I love you mom.

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Anonymous said...


I printed this out for Mom. All too often we do not tell her how wonderful she really is. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful Mother. She really misses you and hopes you come home soon for a visit( as we all do).