Thursday, October 05, 2006

Teacher's Day was Lucrative

This past Thursday was Teacher's Day here in Taiwan. It's a holiday unique to this region, I think. It's great that they think enough of teachers here to give them a day in their honor.

My Teacher's Day was excellent. Traditionally, students give gifts to their favorite teachers. My kids came through with some seriously neat stuff for me, yes, I've got a few fans out there. I got a bunch of chocolate, some candies, a neat little thing that goes with my cell phone, and best of all, a serenade from my favorite class. Every classtime, we take a 10 minute break after the first hour. I usually spend this time getting a drink and prepping for the second hour. On this day, I came back from the break to find my class all standing at attention. When I came through the door, they began singing a really neat song to me about teachers. After the song, Sandra handed me a card that was signed by all of them. It was a great moment, very heart warming. These kids are priceless. I was speechless.

Is their any doubt that this job is a good gig? I am in hog-heaven. What a great day.

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