Saturday, October 28, 2006

Ice Cream!

About 2 weeks ago, I told my class that, on October 28th (today), I needed them to stay an extra hour at school. I didn't tell them why. I made them think they had to do something that isn't fun, like a test.

I love this class. They are an incredible group. For instance, a couple of weeks ago, it came to my attention that Milton had broken his backpack. Milton is a great kid. He joined the class about 2 months ago, so he is new to the group. He had been carrying his books in a plastic grocery bag for a week or so. This is unacceptable. Students at our school earn prize cards when they do well. They can buy stuff from the prize case in the office with the cards, including a nifty new backpack. I knew that the kids in my class had amassed a decent amount of the cards. Milton has a habit of just barely making it in time for the start of class. Most of the kids are there 15 minutes prior to the start time. I brought the backpack problem up to the kids a few minutes before class started this past Wednesday, and they all agreed to chip in some of their prize cards in order to buy Milton a new backpack! It was truly remarkable to see such selflessness in these kids. The cards are something that's really coveted among the students. So, to see them band together and help out a member of the group was truly remarkable. They have become such a tight-knit group. It's cool to know they care enough to help out a nice kid and make him feel like an important part of this amazing environment. Milton was blown away. We managed to get him the really cool one that the older kids like to carry, so he is digging it, big time.

It's reasons like the above that I decided to take them all out for ice cream after class today. For a total of about $6 American, I brought some smiles to their faces and hopefully managed to strengthen the bonds that already exist within the group. They make me so proud, it's the least I can do.

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What a great story and what a great thing for your students to do...kudos to you for initiating it.