Wednesday, October 25, 2006

It's Official, I'm Coming Home!

January 12th, I will be stateside. I just got done booking a flight to L.A., got a great deal. I got a round-trip, non-stop flight from Taipei to L.A. on Singapore Airlines for about $680 American. This is far less than I thought I'd be paying.

Next up, I have to figure how I am gonna get from L.A. to Cleveland. I'm hoping I can make a stop-over for a day or two in Las Vegas and visit Perry & Andrea. I haven't spoken with them yet, so that is not a sure thing. My tentative plan is to make the quick trip from L.A. to Vegas on Friday night and hang out with the Perry & Andrea until Sunday afternoon, when I will jump on a plane to Ohio. It's considerably cheaper to fly out of Vegas than L.A. when headed to CLE. The flight from L.A. to Vegas is well under $100, super cheap.

My return trip to Taipei is scheduled for January 25th, so I am gonna have a nice long stay at home. My agenda is unclear right now. I'm considering taking a few days and driving down to see the contingent of the family living in the Charlotte, NC area. Also, I wouldn't mind heading over to Pennsylvania, weather permitting. The weather will probably be a factor. January in Ohio is not the most pleasant time to be there. It's not unusual to see a foot or so of snow on the ground at that time.

Must-do's include getting all my stuff that's been stored in my mom's basement in order so that it doesn't cause problems when she moves and dealing with the cat situation...don't want to think about that right now, too depressing. I am hoping to catch a performance by The Black Keys while I am in town, doubtful they will be playing then, but who knows?

One thing is certain. I am bringing 3 empty bags with me to the U.S., and returning to Taipei with 3 very full I'm trying to figure out exactly how many packs of Reese's Cups I can fit into a

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Anonymous said...

Hey David,

Read your blog today. You are more than welcome to hang with us for a few days before going to Ohio. In fact, we would love it if you do. Just let us know the specifics, and we'll get ready for you.