Friday, October 06, 2006

Mid-Autumn Festival & 10/10 Day

Today is the beginning of a long weekend, thanks to a couple of holidays coming within a few days of each other. Here they celebrate Autumn, not sure why, but they do. As a result, everyone gets a few days off work. I think there is going to be a bunch of parades throughout the city. This Tuesday is Taiwan Independence Day. It is October 10th, hence the name, 10/10 day. Since these two holidays are so close together, the powers that be have decided to make it a five-day weekend...very cool.

I haven't made any real plans for this time off because I am trying to save money. I will probably do a couple of quickie day trips near the city. Jump on a train and see the countryside. My buddy Scott is moving in to a new apartment, I'll probably help him make the transition. I'm just looking forward to the break from the daily grind.

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