Friday, August 18, 2006

My Brush With A Murderer

I barely slept last night. Late last night, the news began showing pictures of the guy who has been arrested for the murder of JonBenet Ramsey. I clicked on the news story on Google and almost fell out of my chair!!

When I first got to Taiwan, I stayed at a hostel. Great place, very homey and perfectly located in the city. The owners, Margos and Raul, are like family to me. During my stay there I had many opportunities to meet all kinds of folks from all over the world. One of the people I hung out with for a few weeks was a quiet guy from the US who was looking to start a teaching career here. He went out with the group several times for dinner, shopping, etc. He was a bit odd, but nice enough. You meet all kinds of people when you travel overseas, they all seem to have their little quirks...his name was John!

It's the guy who killed JonBenet!!!

I am freaking out! I had quite a few interesting conversations with him. The first time I met him he was wearing a t-shirt from Honduras, so naturally we spoke for a long time about Hondu. He mentioned he had worked there, I immediately felt a connection because of my time there...HOW SCARY!

He spent about a month at the hostel and then just disappeared. Margos said he decided to head to Malaysia and just took off with little notice. I hope it wasn't because he had done something evil here and needed to get out...

Honestly, none of us had a clue he was such an animal. He just seemed kinda quiet and not the most socially adept guy. It's not like he had "murderer" written on his forehead.

One thing I do remember vividly about him is his computer knowledge. He cleaned up the computers at the hostel and they ran better than they ever had before.

I'm heading to the hostel today to talk to Margos about this craziness...stay tuned.

p.s. Oddly enough, I am heading to Bangkok tonight for the weekend. The very city where they captured the guy...CREEPY!


Wendy (cousin) said...

Geez Oh PETES, David!!!!!
This is just too weird for words...
I can't believe that you even dined w/the guy! Gives me the willies. Now they are kinda questioning if he (John Karr) is indeed the guy who killed little JonBenet. It's all weird. I hope they get to the bottom of the real truth soon. He looks kinda 'awkward' on the tube.Can't believe it's been 10 years ago. Please keep us posted on what you hear on the situation. Just stay far away from the guy(A Mom's advice :-} ) !
Not that you'd have the chance to make small talk w/the guy , but, you know. LOL
Still really weird that you knew him at some point. EEEEErie!!!!!!!!!
Take care!

Kevin (cousin in Hawaii) said...

Only you could have a story like that, man! By the way, it's looking more and more likely he's a sicko, child-porn-loving phony who just wanted a free ticket out of Thailand and a possible Thai jail sentence. Now you know why he's so good at "cleaning up" computers- was probably erasing the evidence!

Just don't go and make a call on your old buddy in that jail in Bangkok while you're there. And remember the old adage, my friend "One night in Bangkok makes a hard man humble!"