Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I'm a classic Belonephobic! According to the AMA, it is someone who suffers from a fear of needles.

I had yet another traumatic experience with a needle a few days ago. It is time for me to renew my visa so I can stay in Taiwan another year. This means I had to go through the nasty medical check-up. The check-up includes giving 5c.c.'s of blood. It was awful. I sat down and stretched out my left arm, all the while trying to breath deeply and pretend it wasn't happening. When I thought she had finished (she poked me two or three times), I asked her if it would be OK for me to lay down for a few minutes. She led me into a room and got me a cold towel for my head...I break out in a cold sweat every freaking time I have blood taken. I don't mean a little wetness, I am drenched! Then she lowered the boom...Mr. Edwards, I wasn't able to get any blood, we are gonna have to try the other arm...I thought I was gonna die! I complied with her wishes and after the room stopped spinning, I managed to get the heck out of Taipei City Hospital.

You know, you'd think after the countless injections I went through to get into Peace Corps, I would be pro at this...NOT EVEN CLOSE!

That nightmare is behind me.

Tomorrow I am gonna attempt to lay out a plan for my second year on this island. I think it is gonna be a good one.


vicky said...

Hi, teacher

May I know the meaning of belonephobic?

Thanks and best regards,

Vicky Tsai

Kevin (cousin in Hawaii) said...

David, that's a classic story. I am EXACTLY the same with blood tests. Thank God I had acute hepatitis when I lived in Spain, so I can never donate blood. All of my 18-20 year-old female students laugh and call me a wimp when I tell them how I almost passed out during my last blood test in April!