Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bangkok Photos!

One of many little shrines to the King. Thai's love their King. He has been leading the country for about 60 years. I think he is the longest serving leader in the world. I spoke with many locals and they all think he is an amazing man. The accompanying picture is quite old...he is over 80 years old now.My tuk-tuk driver on Monday morning. Great guy. We burned around the city for a few hours. He took me to a bunch of places and only charged me a total of about $3 American.
This is the standing Buddha. A freaking giant statue. I zoomed in for this shot. At the base of the statue, you are given a small cage with some birds in it. It is customary to release the birds in the direction of the Buddha, it was a very spiritual.
A look at a little shrine in the temple of the lucky Buddha. It's difficult to make out, but the design is insanely ornate. The attention to detail is mind-boggling.

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