Saturday, May 27, 2006

Updates From Mis Amigos

This past month was supposed to be a monumental time for me. It was my scheduled end-of-service in Peace Corps. Had I not been hurt, I would've been finishing up down in Honduras right about now. I struggled for a long time after I was given my walking papers from PC. It's was such a struggle for me to get a chance to serve, I was heart-broken when my time was cut short.

I have been getting gobs of emails from my brothers and sisters in the Corps letting me know what they are up to. Many of them are freaking out because coming home is often much more difficult than leaving. PC is about as far as you can get from a 9 to 5 job/life. Coming back to the States during such a turbulent period doesn't help matters. I think many of them are going to do what I did, check out other opportunities abroad.

One of the few folks that seems to have something solid is Huey, he's got a gig doing some engineering work at a national park in Alaska. Speaking of Huey (Huey is his nickname, his real name is Jason), before he left Honduras he bought an old Land Cruiser and drove home to Minnesota. I would've been with him had I been down there. Most of my the people I served with are insanely talented and resourceful, I doubt many of them will struggle too much finding their way.

We had plans to hold a reunion in Vegas some time in the near future, I hope we can make that happen.

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