Sunday, May 21, 2006

Off To The Movies & The Kids Dig Me

I'm going to see The Da Vinci Code tomorrow. I hope it lives up to the hype. I loved the book, it was pretty intense. I've seen a few reviews of the movie and they have been less-than flattering. Oh well, I'm gonna give it a shot. The ads for it have saturated life here in Taipei. There are a zillion billboards and the subway cars are giant rolling ads for the movie.

It's tough to go to the theater without my buddy Perry. It just doesn't feel right. Perry & I have seen about 1000 movies together. This may sound trivial, but going to the movies with someone who is essentially on your same wavelength is great. We have always enjoyed debating the merits of the various films we've seen. It's easy when the other person likes the same stuff as you do. Next time I visit Perry and his lovely wife Andrea, I'm sure we'll see at least 3 or 4 movies together. I'll resume my place at the right-hand of the Perry.

My two classes today went really well. Every Saturday I have a couple of advanced-level classes that are pretty tough to teach. They require quite a bit of preparation, but once I'm in the class, I kick butt. The main reasons I have succeeded in these classes is because the students are all very motivated and therefore my attitude is upbeat when I enter the room.

The other day, Queenie, one of the Chinese teachers pulled me aside and told me a few interesting things. She said Jessie, one of the other Chinese teachers, is quitting and she is going to have to take over a couple of her classes. As a result of this shift, Queenie is going to be giving up one of her higher-level classes to a foreign teacher. Anyhow, the reason she was telling me this is because she asked her students in the higher-level class who they'd like to have as their teacher...she said the class resoundingly voted for me! That is so cool. This is especially cool because I have taught this particular class quite a few times and don't feel like I've ever made a real connection with the silly. Nothing is official yet, I'll keep you folks in the know as soon as I know anything concrete.

I've got to go to bed, it's the end of a very long day. Stay in touch everyone.

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