Thursday, May 18, 2006

Sucking Up to the Boss

Carol, my boss, is an interesting woman. The first few months I worked at the school she was about as tough on me as any boss I've ever had. Barely a day went by that I didn't get a skeptical look from her. She showed very little emotion when I approached her with my ideas. As time has passed, she has become one of my biggest allies. As I mentioned earlier on this thing, I had a bit of a run-in with one of the big-wigs at our HQ...she was the first person to come to my defense. I think the primary reason we have become fast friends is because she knows I love my work and I always give 110% of myself.

Last week, I was sick as a dog. The head-cold was at it's peak. I came to work and had to have Gavin, my other boss, take me to the doctor. I didn't make it back from the doctor in time to teach a class I was scheduled to teach. In a nutshell, I screwed up because I didn't have a lesson plan or anything ready...I wasn't thinking clearly. When I got back to the office, I told Carol that I goofed up and she got pretty angry. She stormed off and tried to remedy the situation. After an hour or so, she approached me and apologized for her behavior, and I did the same. I told her that I screwed up and won't do it again. Well, she was more than cool about the scene and decided it was best for me to go home and rest. As I was leaving she told me to take it easy and take the next day off so I could get better. I thought that was mighty decent of her.

Ok, so this past Sunday was Mother's Day. Carol had her first child a few months ago. To commemorate her new status, I had one of the photos I took at our last work party blown up and framed and gave it to her for Mother's Day. The photo is great, it's a group pic with virtually every teacher at the school in it. It cost me only a few bucks and she loved it. She was gushing about how much she loved it. Later that day, I was hanging out at my desk with nothing to do and she told me to go ahead and go home early (she would've NEVER said this a few months ago). I looked at her and said "are you sure I can do that????" She said I could do anything I wanted to do this week!!!!! Looks like yours truly is in business at work...we'll see how long the honeymoon

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