Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I Found an Apartment!

Forget about it. Didn't do the apartment mentioned in the last post...found something better. I just got back from checking out a great little studio apartment in Banciao (an out-lying area of the city). I liked it so much, I gave Sher (the girl currently living there) a few thousand bucks to hold it for me, I'm moving in!

It's pretty small, but it's all mine. I just wasn't digging the idea of having roommates. It's on the top floor of a 9-story building, which means very little road noise. One of the best features is its down the road from the train station and VERY close to work. It's nestled nicely between the subway and train stations, very convenient. The apartment is furnished which means it has a bed, tv, wardrobe, desk, microwave and a bunch of other stuff I can't remember right now. There is a washer/dryer that the 5 or 6 apartments on the floor share...that's a good deal.

The rent is a somewhat more than the other place, but it's worth it to have my own place. Can't wait to get in the place and make it home!

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