Monday, January 09, 2006

Feeling the Heat

Just checked the weather forecast for back home, doesn't look too bad. Although, even a little snow is way too much for It's been back and forth here. One day it's 65, the next, 45. Never all that cold, but the severe shifts are odd.

Living abroad is strange, to say the least. I feel like everything back in states is on hold until I get back. Almost like someone pushed the "pause" button on the DVD player of life. It's difficult for me to grasp that life continues there without me...that may sound egocentric, but it's the truth. I have a difficult time painting the picture of life there without me...

The pressure at work is building with the impending departure of Chris & Brent. Scott & I are really going to have to shoulder a load once they are gone. It's gonna be on us to step up and become leaders. Their departures coincide with the advent of the new composition classes, not the best time to introduce a new program.

I've been talking with a few buddies about planning a trip to Southeast Asia in March or April. I think Scott & Graeme will come with me, we'll see. The trip will include stops in Bangkok, Hanoi, and perhaps Laos.

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