Thursday, January 12, 2006

Olga. I Don't Want To Talk About It

Looks like I'm gonna stay in Taiwan for Chinese New Year. I waited too long to make plans. Everything is waaay too expensive. I've decided to postpone my trip to Hanoi until sometime in March. By then, I'll have more money and I think my buddy Scott wants to go around that time.

I had, what could only be descibed as, an insanely frustrating experience the other day. It was Tuesday, 2:30p.m., I was on platform 3 at the Taipei Main Train Station waiting for my train to work. I was scanning the days newspaper when I noticed a strikingly good looking young lady a few feet to my right. Being the pathetically desperate guy that I am, I approached her.

I used the "hi, where ya from?" line. She smiled at me and said Russia....hmmm. We proceeded to talk for the next 20 minutes because she was taking the same train as me. Her name is Olga, she is from Siberia, here studying English. She lives in Taoyuan, a city about 25 minutes south of Taipei. We had a great conversation, complete with the occasional giggle...somehow we got on the topic of food, she mentioned that she loved Italian food. I told her that I knew of a great place in Taipei for pizza and I'd love to take her there...BAM! She smiled and said that would be great!!!!!!! She mentioned earlier that she didn't have many friends here and would love to check out this point I am beginning to think I was in a dream. I asked her for her phone number and she gave it to me, this is where the story gets fuzzy. I punched the numbers into my phone and before I knew it, the train came to my stop. I told her I'd call her and we said our goodbye's.

About 20 minutes later, I was at my desk telling Scott about what had just happened when I decided to check and make sure her phone number was safely in my phone...uh oh! ARG!!!!! Something went wrong, the phone number wasn't there????? I have no idea what happened. This is beyond frustrating. I am going on a mission to find Olga! Come hell or high water, I am gonna track her

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