Friday, January 27, 2006

Chinese New Years and An Ipod

Today is Chinese New Years Eve. Everything is beginning to shut down. Taipei is going to be a ghost town for the next few days. Folks here close up shop and spend time with their families for the holidays, virtually everything is closed. It's kind of nice to see that all this craziness can be put on hold. Family is very important here and this is the biggest holiday of the year. It's customary for people to head back to where they are from so the roads are insanely congested.

I had a moment of weakness earlier in the week...I bought an Ipod. My CD player is beginning to act up and I can't live without my music. The Ipod is awesome, the 4 GB hard drive holds about 1100 songs and 25000 pictures. It is the size of a credit card, very cool. It's the latest model from Apple and I'm having a blast with it. Up to this past week, I hadn't made any impulse purchases, but I'm only human, I couldn't help

Kelly & I are trying to figure out what to do for the next week or so. I am off work until February 6th. We've gotta come up with a thing or two to occupy our time. I'm excited to get an opportunity to hang with her since our schedules are normally so conflicting.

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