Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Apartment Search

I was mistaken...Saturday was Chinese New Year's Eve, not Friday. Anyhow, it's Sunday, New Year's Day. Very quiet day here in Taipei.

I went to look at an apartment, not too shabby. I think I might take it. It's located next to the head offices of the school I work for, very convenient. It's in an area called Yungho. The apartment is about a 3 minute walk to the subway and will add about 15 minutes to my work commute each way. The additional time is expected because finding a place as convenient as the hostel is impossible. The apartment is very spacious, the bedroom that is for rent is huge. It's a three bedroom place with only one bathroom...that is not the greatest arrangement, but I can deal with it. I'd be sharing the place with a couple of Canadians, one guy and one girl. The girl (Cara) seemed really down to Earth and cool. She was honest with me as far as the drawbacks of the place...

the good:
  • close to subway
  • very big apartment
  • only $7000 a month (roughly $220 American)
  • roommates seem fun
  • close to Costco (very important source of comfort food)
  • nice area, seems like lots to do nearby
the not-so-good:
  • kinda noisy
  • only one bathroom
  • sharing with two others
  • added time and $$ to commute (additional 30 minutes & $40 per day)
I've got a decision to make...stay tuned!

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