Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Colleen's DVD Run

Colleen is on another one of her Visa runs. She has been working here illegally for the past 4 months. Therefore, she has to leave the country every two months to get a new visitors visa. She is making quite a bit of money working illegally because the school she works for pays her taxes. This practice is fairly common. The only drawback is she has to make these trips out of the country, which are kind of expensive. This time she went to Hanoi, Vietnam. The great thing about this trip is she is going to be in the pirate DVD capital of the world. A bunch of us gave her money and lists of the movies we want. The DVD's there sell for about 80 cents American. Some of them are slightly different from the US versions, but the differences are negligible. My list included Million Dollar Baby, Magnolia, The Office Box Set, Cinderella Man, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, and The Aristocrats. She text messaged me today to tell me she got virtually everything on my list, how exciting!

The Chinese New Year is coming up soon, the 27th of January, to be exact. I haven't decided what I'm gonna do. I am off from the 27th to the 6th, a long paid vacation. I'm thinking I might venture down south. The only problem is transportation is hectic that week...everyone and their brother is using public transportation. I may just use the time to explore parts of the city I haven't seen.

Kelly has returned from Canada. She had a great time and is anxious to get back in the swing of things. One of those things is spending time with me...very cool. We are heading out to Alleycat's this Saturday night. We'll probably check out a market after we eat. Perhaps Snake Alley? I haven't decided if I am going to drink snake's blood's pretty freaky.

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