Saturday, October 29, 2005


My job. It's pretty hard to sum up. I think it's probably the most rewarding and hysterical thing I've ever done. Don't get me wrong, my time in Honduras changed my life and made me a better person. This experience has allowed me to utilize my skills in a much more stable environment. I know I made an impact in Honduras, it was just a lot less tangible than the work I am doing here. Everyday I feel like I've done something positive and uplifting in my current job.

Every class I teach is the result of one of the Chinese teachers requesting assistance with a particular lesson. They find an opening in my schedule and write in a description of what they want me to teach. For example, today I taught a level 9 class their key words for unit 4 in their text. The Chinese teacher (Queenie) sat in the back of the class and observed. One thing I do like is after every class I get immediate feedback from the Chinese teacher in the form of a review sheet. They grade me on my preparation, class management and a few other things. I think it's great because it keeps me on track and keeps me in the know as far as my progress is concerned. Sometimes it's a bit frustrating, but most of the time it's empowering. After todays class Queenie (the Chinese teacher, one of the most attractive women I've ever seen), told me I did really well and was impressed with my progress. I've had a few really bad performances in her classes, so today was a big victory.

I went out to dinner with Kelly tonight. We went to "Ruby Tuesday's" and had some Americanized food. It was tasty and a nice break from the standard vittles here in the Republic of China. We had fun. Both of us have been fighting sicknesses so it was nice to get out. She has had a head cold/cough for about a month...very frustrating. She looked as cute as ever, head cold and all.

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