Monday, October 10, 2005

10-10 Day & Ruby Tuesdays

It's 10-10 day! (as in 10th month, 10th day) Not sure what the heck it means...I get a paid day off, that's never a bad thing. I think it's an independence day type of thing. There is a big parade later, I'm gonna head down there if it stops raining.

Scott & I went to "Ruby Tuesdays" last night. We originally planned on going to the movies but it was too crowded. My meal, baked lasagna, was incredible. It was my first taste of cheese in about a month. Taiwanese people don't eat cheese. Needless to say, my stomach is in shock. It tasted great, but I'm paying dearly for

Tomorrow is pay day! My first paycheck. It's time for me to seriously start looking for an apartment. I'm not too anxious to spend the money. Most apartments cost about $1000 american to get into, that includes first & last months rent plus deposit. Doesn't sound like much, but it's a tough decision to make.

I'm working on uploading some more pics...hope everyone stays tuned in!

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