Friday, October 14, 2005

Paul Hackett is The Man

I am now an official resident of The Republic of China! I got my resident visa papers yesterday. All that's left for me to do is head down to the police station to get my employment card. What a relief, my visitors visa was about to run out.

My next mission is finding a place to live. Work has been pretty intense so I haven't had much time to look for a place to live. Also, the hostel is so convenient that I haven't felt any sense of urgency. We'll see.

Kelly has been sick for the past week so we haven't done a whole lot of touristy stuff. She emailed me yesterday about going out this weekend. Looks like we may be going to check out some neat places. A report and some pictures will follow.

I hope everyone out there is supporting Paul Hackett. He is a Iraq veteran running for a Congressional seat in Ohio. A good man looking to make a difference, an excellent alternative to the existing lunatics that are currently in control of our government.

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