Wednesday, March 05, 2008

One for the "Huh?" File

This print was hanging above the urinal in my office. A couple weeks ago, the corner began to come unglued, I took it off the wall to fix it. I proceeded to take it to the lobby and mentioned to the secretaries that the frame was really heavy. They then told me that it was filled with water...hmmm. Yes, the frame is actually a fire safety device. In case of a fire, douse with the closest picture frame!

Notice the plastic-capped hole on the top of the frame. I guess that's where you put the water in.

Sorry for the poor photo quality on this one. This is the emergency tear-off thingy in case of a fire. During an emergency ya just rip the sticker off the back and smother the fire with a magical trickle of water...

One of the most bizarre things I have come across in a long time.

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