Tuesday, March 25, 2008

On My Way

I will be boarding the plane to the U.S. in about 6 hours. I am currently going a little crazy trying to make sure I have packed everything I need and am ready to go.

I plan on posting about my adventures while back home. I will do my best to chronicle my trip.

L.A., Las Vegas, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Charlotte, here I come....lol.

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Wendy said...

Pittsburgh? Who is in Pittsburgh David? I never knew you have family/friends there! Small world , huh?

I hope you enjoy your trip-even though the one you really wanted to go with you can't be there to meet your family/friends THIS time! I am sure your heart is with her & I am happy that you have found Catherine!

Have fun--(Especially in Vegas!) & travel safe!
Love , Wendy