Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Snooping on My Students

I have never been a big fan of posed photos. I prefer to catch folks as they truly are, not mugging for the camera. The following are secretly shot pics of my students taken through the peephole in the door of their classroom. I think they capture the kids at their best.

Notice the opening in the door...

I think they turned out pretty cool. I know the students will spaz when they find out I took these without their permission. Oh well, I like 'em.


Anonymous said...

Dear friend,

Uploading photos of children without their or the parents' consents is not something you should be doing.

Also, what does (would) the manager or owner of the buxiban say about your doing this?

What harm is it? Seems innocuous enough, right?

This type of things isn't professional at all and an abuse of the trust they have in you and the school.

Enjoy your trip back to the U.S.

David said...

thanks for posting anon.

i completely disagree with your assessment. there is nothing invasive or underhanded about these photos. they are in a classroom setting and have no expectations of privacy.

do you expect me to get consent from the parents every time i take a photo of my students? that would be silly.

they are not for sale or being used for some illicit activity...you are way off base with your accusations.

how is this abusive? how have i breached their trust? unprofessional? i can't see how these photos are anything more than a snapshot of a typical scene at the workplace.

thanks for taking the time to comment.

Anonymous said...

No problem!

I'm gonna run this one by some of my colleagues and see what they have to say!

Thanks for replying!!!

Enjoy your trip to the USA.