Sunday, March 23, 2008

City Shots

Some photos I took recently while out and about in the city. The first 3 are from a political rally that took place near Catherine's work. The past few weeks there has been a constant stream of marches through the streets. I think it's great how involved the citizenry seems to be.

The following shots were taken while waiting for the subway. I think the second one illustrates the congestion in this's overwhelming at times.


AshD said...

Hi David
Nice shots. I too like to take taipei city shots whenever I am there. And what a coincidence it is, I took a similar picture like yours,the second from bottom and it is also my blog header image :D

David said...

hey AshD,
did you take the photo while standing on the platform at the Fuxing MRT?
thanks for checking out this silly blog!

AshD said...

yes indeed ... sorry forgot to leave my blog link
- Ashish