Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Further Political Prognosticating

I never thought I'd say it, but the Clinton's need to exit stage left. This primary cycle is far too costly and very well could turn many excited voters off. I think that Obama has a real chance to turn the U.S. in the right direction. The "he's all rhetoric and not fit to be president" argument coming from Hillary's people is misguided. It's provided a lot of fodder for the republicans.

Mathematically, Hillary can't win the nomination without some trickery. The only way she could manage to pull it off is if she does something that will undermine the existing process. If that happens, the democrats are doomed. If this nomination is seen as tainted, there is little hope for retaking the presidency. Manipulating the scorecard will gut-shot many prospective voters in the general election, thus causing them to stay home.

This primary controversy will be put to bed come the last week of April or first week of May. May 6th is the North Carolina primary. John Edwards, former Senator from NC, will almost surely endorse one of the two in the weeks before the primary in his home state. This endorsement will be the tipping point. He will endorse Obama.

**Fearless Prediction**
Obama/Edwards 2008! I have stated in previous posts that I would have preferred an Edwards/Obama ticket, but this scenario is just fine by me.

Edwards would be an ideal compliment to Obama because he is a southerner, populist, and has excellent name recognition. The south has long been a solid voting block for the republicans. Perhaps Edwards could help minimize the losses down there. He is a champion of the working-class, an area that Obama has struggled with. His popularity is much stronger amongst white-collar voters. Finally, Edwards has done this before and people are familiar with his stances; he is no stranger to the campaign trail.

These two gentlemen are what America and the rest of the world needs.


Anonymous said...

Not to burst bubbles, but Obama mathematically can't win the nomination without "trickery" either. He needs the super delegates nearly as much as Hillary.

David said...

The use of super delegates is not trickery. That is the policy within the party, not a problem.

The trickery I was referring to is, among other things, the push to reinstate the florida and michigan delegates, the poaching of otherwise pledged delegates and just-plain nastiness.

This all saddens me because I am a supporter of her ideas. The truth is, she is standing in front of a speeding train named Obama.