Friday, March 07, 2008

Ex-Pat Essential: Eddie at "Mix & Match"

As a resident of Taipei for about 3 years now, I like to think that I have a pretty good grasp on life here. I have tried to assimilate as best I can, but there are still some things from home that I can't do without.

The following is the first installment in a series of posts examining many of the western-style creature comforts here in Taipei that make life a whole lot easier when you are far from home.

A few months after I arrived in Taiwan I went looking for a haircut. I was told that there are tons of places that will cut my hair for about $10-15 American. Sounded good to me so I started asking for referrals for places near where I was living. After a day or two I picked a spot. To make a long story short, the barber never touched a pair of scissors while I was in the chair. He assured me that he knew what western men liked and gave me a cut fit for the Marine Corps! The buzzing of the electric razor drowned out my You can see photographic evidence here. After talking to many other ex-pats, I discovered that this kind of thing happens far too often in Taiwan.

After that fiasco, I decided that I would start doing a serious search for a good hair salon prior to getting my next cut. I surfed the various sites aimed at ex-pats here in Taiwan and came to the conclusion that The Mix & Match Hair Salon was the joint. I have since visited Eddie, the senior stylist at M & M, several times and have had nothing but great cuts!

Avoid the nightmare of a bad haircut and head over to see Eddie. You can get directions, pricing, etc. from his simple but effective website: Also, feel free to call him at 0932-322-843. His English is excellent because he worked as a stylist in London, England for about 10 years. His work is impeccable.

The following photos were taken on my last visit: (it was early on a weekday afternoon, so the place was empty...not the norm)

They wash your hair prior to the cut. This part of the process is quite a bit different than anything I have experienced in the U.S. Not only do they give you a thorough washing, it's accompanied by a trance inducing scalp massage!! I would kill to get one on a regular basis!

The main styling area. Again, this was a Tuesday afternoon, not prime-time. It wasn't difficult to get an appointment.

Eddie and your fearless host. OK, it's not difficult to cut my hair, but Eddie always makes it look great. He keeps telling me he wants to give me a new look, but I am a bit skittish.

Standing out in front of the entrance. You can see that the salon is directly across from the Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT station and the brand-spanking new Sogo Department Store. (It's about 1 minute from Fuxing MRT exit 1)

It's adjacent to the GNC store, notice the signage. Ya take the elevator to the third floor and the scissor magic begins!

p.s. Tell Eddie, David sent you.


Anonymous said...

LOL. Whew man, I'm still laughing. I thought John deserved the award for Taipei's worst haircut after the 'bang' fiasco last year, but yours takes the cake!

David said...

Hey Carrie,

Yes, it was awful...

I showed that photo to some of the folks at work and they had a good laugh, too.

It does make my point as far as the post is concerned, yes?


DRT said...

How much did it cost you? And do you know anyone with curly hair who's been to him? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanx a lot for your advice. Being a European curly-haired boy I was scared as hell by the idea of having my hair cut in Taiwan. I've been at Mix&Match last week and they did an awesome job. European price (around 30 EUR) but definitely worth!

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