Monday, September 04, 2006

Enjoy Every Sandwich

This week marks three years since the death of Warren Zevon. Enjoy Every Sandwich was an insight he was fond of using prior to his death. I have been a fan of Warren's music for as long as I can remember...I think his Mr. Bad Example album may have been the first CD I ever bought. He had a wonderfully twisted sense of humor that bordered on scary at times. My buddy Perry & I had the pleasure of catching Warren play in Cleveland about a year or so before his death, what a memorable night.

I like to think my time here in Taiwan is about Enjoying Every Sandwich. At work, I try my best to have fun at all costs. See the value in even the smallest things.

In honor of Warren, my Ipod will be playing only his music on the 7th. Not really all that big of a deal, I listen to his stuff all the time.

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