Monday, September 11, 2006


Yesterday, I decided to finally check out Carrefour. It's a European-based grocery chain that has a few outlets here in Taiwan. I normally go to Jason's, but I'm getting tired of paying so much money for stuff. Jason's is the import grocery store located in the basement of Taipei 101. They make you pay through the nose for the goodies they bring in from overseas. I thought I could probably find many of the same things at Carrefour, not so. They had lots of good stuff, but it pales in comparison to Jason's. The prices were better, but the stock was much more Asian-based. I found a few things that I hadn't seen at Jason's, but not enough to make me switch my shopping agenda. One notable thing, Carrefour has one-pound bags of M&M's...that's a big plus! Also found Del Monte corn and green beans a lot cheaper than they are at Jason's.

The store was packed. Taiwanese steer shopping carts about as well as they drive cars...what a mess. I witnessed two messes as a result of out of control shopping carts. One guy knocked over an entire display trying to round a As much as I hate to perpetuate stereotypes, what is the deal with Asians and maneuverability? Always trying to cut corners and ignoring their surroundings is not a good technique. And to think, I was considering buying a motorcycle...

I thought I might need to start building my ark yesterday. We had one of those monsoon-style rains that lasted the entire day. On the bright side, it cooled off big time. I actually slept last night without air-con.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry you didn't have a better time at Carrefour. Sometimes I fail to notice asianness. I'm starting to think western people look really weird and asian people look normal.

Did they have cheerios?
We should try to hang out soon. I'll email Henry.