Thursday, September 07, 2006

Angry Mom & BBQ This Weekend

Last week, when I wasn't in the office, a mother of one of my students visited the school. She was ranting and raving about her daughter's poor grammar skills. She was insinuating that I wasn't teaching grammar very well in class. She was speaking very loudly in front of everyone in the office. I was told that my boss calmed her down and assured her that her daughter will be OK and sent her on her way.

Two different people who witnessed this event told me that my boss and others came to my defense and told the lady that the problem wasn't my teaching, it was her child. It's nice to see that the folks at work have my back when I am not there. My boss assured me yesterday that she is confident of my skills and told me to keep doing things the way I have been.

I may not be the best teacher in the world, but I try very hard. The child of the mother who was involved in the above event is one of my favorites in class. She is a great kid, but has a very short attention span. She is one of the younger kids in class and I often have to keep her in line. Looks like I am gonna have to be a little more firm with her and pay extra attention to her progress.

The staff at work is heading out to a really cool park this weekend to have a barbecue. We have periodic outings and they are usually pretty fun. The school is picking up the tab, so how bad could it be?

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