Wednesday, November 23, 2005

This is winter?

Rain, rain, and more rain. I guess we've officially started the winter season here. It's been cool & raining for the past 4 days. It's not nearly as cold as back in Ohio, but still quite chilly. This weekend I am going to have to head out to a night market and buy a fleece. I didn't pack enough cold-weather clothing. Nights can be a bit cold because there's no such thing as central heat here, folks have to buy small space heaters for the winter. It doesn't make much sense to have a furnace here since it's cold for a very short time.

Work is steady. With each day I feel more and more comfortable. One silly thing did happen this past week. My schedule is Mon through Fri 3pm to 9pm and Sat mornings for a few hours. Essentially, I have to have 35 hours a week. These hours are a combination of teaching hours, office hours, and testing periods. Well, last Saturday I had a bunch of stuff I had to get done outside of work. I left work after a few hours because I had accomplished what they asked me to do. When I got to work Monday I caught hell from the boss because I only put in about 2.5 hours Saturday and a total of 34 hours last hour short. I thought this was a bit petty, but Carol (the boss) was not happy. Whatever. She said I should have stayed and found some busy-work to do...yeah. This type of thing is typical of bosses here, they love to nitpick their employees about the littlest things. I'm over

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